25 Nov 2019

Pet of the Month May 1997

The outspoken — in pictures and words — Pet of the Month layout from May, 1997, in Penthouse Magazine. You can see the pictures, but as for the promised words… At a time when political correctness and religious bigotry are challenging our freedom of speech, it seems appropriate to choose the fiercely independent and outspoken Andrea Kurtz as our May Pet of the Month. “I believe my power lies in my femininity and my ability to express myself,” says our five-foot-three firefly. “I’m grateful to Penthouse for encouraging both men and women to explore their sexuality. And I consider it the highest honor to represent Bob Guccione’s vision in these photographs.” Our 26-year-old May flower finds her deepest peace in the great outdoors, meditating and practicing yoga in the buff under the eternal, sheltering sky. “Being in nature feeds my soul,” says Andrea. “I love to hike, swim, work in my garden, and just bask in the sun — and if I can be naked while I do these things, it only enhances them. When the stress of every day starts to get to me, I know the instant remedy is fresh air and sunshine.” It’s a good thing Andrea knows how to chill out. Born under Scorpio (the sex sign ruled by the genitals), she often finds herself at the mercy of her own intensity and passion, operating at a high pitch of emotion. “When I’m in love with a man, I become extremely proprietary,” she reveals. “The Scorpio in me gets very jealous. I make sure he knows there’s no other woman for him. … I guess it’s just the nature of the beast!” Andrea is unapologetic about her 36-22-34 womanly abundance: “We’re all given assets in this life, and we each have a responsibility to put them to good use — mine are my body and spirit.” “Working with Carl Wachter was a wonderful experience,” says Andrea with a smile. “His creative direction and the trust I had in him made posing natural and exciting at the same time.” For Andrea, there’s no greater turn-on than meeting a confident, intelligent man who’s not threatened by her powerful presence and rigorous honesty. “I believe a relationship between a man and a woman should encourage and complement their personalities so that they blossom in each other’s aura,” says our Pet. Her idea of the ideal date? “That’s easy. An evening of absolutely no limits. I don’t need flowers or candlelight or a fancy meal — what’s important to me is that I’m with a man who can have a good time doing anything, anywhere ... which usually leads to wild lovemaking in the most interesting places!” Andrea believes that “freedom should never be taken for granted. I always want to have the liberty to express myself — whether it be through photos or the written word.” And let’s not forget the freedom to watch Andrea expressing herself. That’s one principle we could never take for granted.

29 Oct 2019

Swinging In The Grain

From the September, 1979, issue of Penthouse Magazine, this Earl Miller special adds a special twist to Y’all come again real soon. Y’hear? it seems to us. Previous editors had a more pedantically porno view of the situation: He’s the sheep farmer’s oldest son, in love with the rancher’s daughter — hardly a match made in heaven in the eyes of the cantankerous kin. But grazing rights, feuds and fence wars hardly faze them; like Romeo and Juliet, they ignore their elders’ egos and happily follow their ids. They meet in secret, of course, but they’ve hardly mastered discretion. “We’ll never kiss in the shadows,” she beams, admiring her overalled lover, her barefoot boy with cheek. He cradles his modern-day milkmaid in his arms, caressing one white breast with one brown hand. With a long and lingering pastoral kiss, they may themselves at home on the range. He takes a tender breast in his hand and admires her soft perfection; the only parent they’ll obey is the tempting call of Mother Nature. Flinging themselves together, prone on the fragrant field, they find splendor in a blade of grass and even more in each other. “Let’s be brazen in the sun,” he suggests, and proceeds to trespass against her in a thoroughly friendly way. Her equestrian talents amaze him as she mounts her delirious lover and gives him the ride of his life. He’s never had sun strokes like this before; she’s never felt such tremors. For a moment they’re startled from their reverie, but it’s only the murmur of the nearby flock, standing guard for their lovers. They stake their love-parched throats at a nearby pump and then stroll hand in hand to the comfort of the great outdoors. Stripping her naked, he traces her breasts with his fingers and then enters her one more time, as she closes her eyes and shudders at the molten, plunging sensations deep inside her. After the spasms subside, they lie embracing on her grandmother’s homemade quilt, having practiced the delicate craft no Farmer’s Almanac includes.

16 Oct 2019

True Colors

Kinda makes you want to try out finger painting again, right — this layout from the August, 1999, issue of Penthouse Magazine? … Of course the more flowery types wrote… Color me sexy from red blush to blue. Show me your true colors, that’s why I love you. Bosom buddies and lifelong friends, Asia, Lydia and Taylor know one another’s deepest desires. These girls are true blue, each always putting another’s needs before her own. For them friendship is an art form, their supple bodies empty canvases. They are marked by the colors of lust, as vibrant and real as the love they feel for one another. Pink pussies open with need, moistening at another’s intimate caress. The memory of a warm red tongue is soon replaced by a helping hand. Isn’t that what friends are for? Tongues and hands discover familiar places on different bodies, a talent that grows with time. Sliding her finger into Asia, Taylor shows Lydia what really turns her on. They learn quickly how to bring one another to orgasm, the greatest gift a friend can give. Remembering their childhood games, the women race to see who can make the other come first. Thighs part easily at a lover’s tender touch, to offer willingly the treasure that lies within. A rosy flush covers their skin as their tongues urge ever-heightened arousal. Lydia shows her true colors and invites her pals to shave her pussy clean. Like clay in their hands, her body is theirs to sculpt, a masterpiece of lust.