31 Dec 2019

Carol Ann

A rather elaborate shoot for just a layout in the October, 1979, edition of Penthouse Magazine. We have have “Pet” thoughts. Hmm. “I think there’s a lot of romance in American history,” says California beauty Carol Ann Wilken. “I’ve always fantasized about being ravished by a handsome cowboy out in the middle of nowhere.” We photographed Carol in Parker, Arizona, an Old West town in an unspoiled natural landscape. “I find nature very erotic,” she told us. “It turns me on to feel primitive and female, to take off all my clothes and feel like I’m part of the natural world. The first time a man ever made love to me was in the woods, near a pounding waterfall. That musical sound of water rushing over rocks always put me in a sensual mood.” Carol’s one of those girls who adores being a girl. “I really like who I am,” she says emphatically. There isn’t anything about myself I’ll change.” She grins seductively. “Well, maybe I’m a little impatient sometimes.” Taking to the water like a true Pisces she is, Carol is a 35-23-35 nymph of the elements. “I like anything that I can do in the water,” she reveals, “and I love athletic men. Nothing turns me on more than a man’s hard, tanned body.” Carol’s ideal man, in case you’re interested, is tall and dark-haired. “I guess it’s cliche,” she says playfully, “but I really like muscular men. And I like mustaches too. I don’t care what a man does for a living, but I do care what kind of attitude he has toward me. I need tenderness and respect. Also, I like a man who’s masculine without being macho. The right man knows exactly what that means.”