14 Jan 2020

Gina and Sonja

Dramatic layout photos from the April, 1997, mind of Earl Miller in Penthouse Magazine. The other body parts were not Earl’s, by the way, nor were these allegedly accurate words. It was the most exquisite obj̬ect in the store’s collection of paper-weights, snow globes, music boxes, and other desktop flights of fancy — a wondrous glass — walled world where beautiful women unfasten their garments on demand, and kiss and fondle each other right there in the palm of your hand. Turn it this way and that and the tiny dancers spill into each other’s arms in a never-ending series of sinuous embraces. Under careful examination, the precious box reveals Sonja kissing a wet trail down to Gina’s silken fur. It all seems so real. An observer blushes at the impossible notion that he has caught Sonja’s gaze. She seems to peer sharply at the intruder. He blinks, rubs his eyes, and Sonja’s attention has returned to the feast spread wide open before her. She pushes into Gina with a steady, hungry rhythm. Look again and find two pretty girls in lace and pearls, their delicately fluted skirts rising just high enough to allow the point of a tongue to slip and slide down the shivery line between dreaming and doing. The sighs of delight are almost audible as they tumble round and round in their little hothouse, tongue against tongue, tongue against nipple, nipple against the lightly brushing razor’s edge of a perfectly manicured fingernail. Enacting a fresh scenario with every gentle shake of their love chamber, the living dolls remain locked together in eternal ecstasy.