24 Feb 2020

Pet of the Month December 1996

From the pages of the December, 1996, issue of Penthouse Magazine. Memorable pages, those, and according to the editors then… Twenty-five-year-old Heather St. James is an exotic showgirl from Reno, Nevada. Underneath the makeup and glamorous costumes that our alluring 38-24-34 Pet wears when she performs onstage, however, is a down-to-earth beauty who’s just as happy backpacking an uncharted trail in the mountains and camping out under the stars. “I love hiking, swimming, and fishing,” says Heather, “and almost anything else I can do in nature — including sunbathing in the nude. I have some property in northern California that’s really private, and the view is spectacular. You’d swear the mountains go straight up through the sky. Whenever I get tired of big-city living I take a vacation there and rejuvenate myself — mind, body, and soul. The dance industry has changed so much in recent years,” Heather tells us. “The clubs have gotten much classier. Owners are putting more money and thought into how they want their clubs to appear. There are also more women coming in — not as dancers, but as customers. They can get just as much enjoyment out of watching a sexy female performer as a man can.” “The greatest thing about my job is I can be just as sexy as I feel … openly and honestly. Very few people have jobs like that. I know — I’ve also been a bookkeeper and a secretary.” “I once made love in an exterior glass elevator,” Heather reveals. “We were so hot, we stopped the car between floors and didn’t care who might be looking up.” “One day I want to make love to another woman while my boyfriend secretly watches,” Heather says with a sly smile. “We’ve talked about it, and if I can find the right woman — someone who understands that this would only be a one-night deal — it’s going to be a dream come true. It would be so exciting for me, and such a turn-on for him. I’m a very giving person, and this would be my gift to both of us.” When Heather isn’t working or camping, she likes to kick back, turn on the TV, and get into whatever hockey or football game is on. Of course our Pet readily agrees that contact sports are always much more fun when you’re a participant. “I was once on a road trip with my boyfriend, and we were heading to Las Vegas to seek our fortune at the gambling tables,” she says with a laugh. “Anyway, it was such a long drive, and we were both getting tired. I didn’t want him to fall asleep at the wheel, so I said, ’I know what would keep you awake.’” “I slowly unzipped his pants and went down on him. I rode the rest of the way with my head in his lap, and he didn’t nod off once.” No kidding! Heather, you have an open invitation to ride shotgun with us anytime.