03 Jun 2020

Shoe Shine

A Suze Randall fantasy, interestingly featuring her makeup artist, in the August, 2002, issue of Penthouse Magazine. That magazine called Pet Emma (February 1995) by the name “Drew” for some reason, but it also gives this allegedly accurate insight… When Drew spotted a leggy blonde passing through the train station, she leapt to her feet. It wasn’t every day that such a beauty came into town, and Drew was yearning for some summer love. “Miss!” she called out from her post at the shoe shine. “Would you like a polish?” Alexus was turned on by the young woman in young man’s clothes, and happily entered the shop. She hopped into the chair and let Drew go to work. Drew operated quickly, bringing Alexus’s shoes to a sheen and then turning her attention to more delicate parts. In no time at all, Alexus had hiked up her skirt and Drew had dropped her drawers. She pulled Drew toward her, eager for the services of the lusty laborer, and was not disappointed when Drew painted her bottom with a soft tongue. Wet with desire, Alexus’s pussy was shiny slick like the black patent leather of her new Mary Janes.Alexus, usually such a timid flower, was suddenly in the mood to take charge. She positioned Drew high in the chair and parted her soft petals, giving her the white-glove treatment.The girls pawed at each other passionately, but Alexus desired something more. She crouched above Drew’s mouth, their two sets of lips coming together in a sensuous kiss. She massaged her breast and peered down at her lover so she could watch intently as Drew flicked her tongue back and forth across her aching clitoris. Alexus was so close to climaxing, she couldn’t possibly concentrate on her lover’s needs. But Drew didn’t mind; she fingered herself as she continued to paint Alexus’s love box with licks of love.The ladies fell into a sixty-nine, and soon Alexus was purring … moaning … coming. When she was done, she locked her lips on Drew’s honeypot. Alexus had received her shine. Now it was time for Drew to be polished off.