29 Jul 2020

The Beast Master

A storybook layout from the June, 1999, issue of Penthouse Magazine. We’ll give you what they wrote in the mag too, but for the record, we think the crocodile might be fake. Miriem, a young maiden from a neighboring tribe, had been captured by the Albafi while out foraging for medicinal herbs. Rather than being forced into servitude, she was left in the dense jungle as an offering to the ancient crocodile that the Albafi believed had once ruled over their fertile lands. Miriem watched the croc approach with fear in her heart, until a ferocious warrior emerged from behind the dense foliage. As Miriem gazed upon him wrestling the crocodile into submission before gutting its rough carcass, the fear running through her veins turned to desire. Surely this man’s offspring would be healthy and strong. She would never find a more suitable mate. After being freed from her restraints, Miriem released her fragrant juices, intoxicating the mighty warrior and turning hunter into prey. Her heady bouquet drew Korak in, luring him closer to her secret weapon. He was overwhelmed by a lust stronger than any he’d ever known. Miriem reached for his spear, guiding it to the heart of her desire. Korak’s thrusts grew stronger, his grunts more primal, his moans more rapid. Once she had brought forth the first drop of Korak’s milk, she took his fleshy tool in her mouth, savoring the taste of his precious seed. Yes, she thought, he will be the perfect father for my children. Korak was amazed at Miriem’s skillful ministrations. With each caress of his swollen manhood, with each lick at its throbbing head, she brought him to even greater heights of passion. He was ready to explode in ecstasy. Korak’s savory nectar fueled Miriem’s passion, but finally they both were sated. Miriem returned to a woman’s proper subservient posture, while Korak left the crocodile meat for the scavenging hyenas and carried off the trophy of a lifetime.