27 Aug 2019


From the layout in July of 2000 for Penthouse Magazine. We thought it just looked like fun, but the publication felt a need to elaborate: Through a rotted-out swath of land, a fearless warrior made his way. The island, a wasteland of despair, was a place fit neither for man nor beast, and when Adam was told that a young woman had been abandoned there, he set out to rescue her. After finding the beautiful Angelica, he freed her from the vines that bound her tight and offered the hungry woman a taste of the serpent that had menaced her. She grabbed it greedily and ate. Adam ’s soft caresses soothed and comforted Angelica. She was grateful to the man who saved her, and reached out to show him just how much. She regarded his cock with the same awe with which she had admired his mighty sword. She licked at it tentatively, following its path of pulsing veins. She savored the flavor of his tool, but after being deprived of sustenance for so long, she wanted more than just a taste. Angelica grasped Adam ’s trunklike thighs as he pumped harder and faster. She pulled on his member, sucking ravenously on the bulbous head — a bit too ravenously perhaps, as she soon got carried away. Adam retreated from Angelica ’s mouth, grasping his shaft in his hand as she prepared for her lover ’s bounty. She swallowed his offering with delight, drinking in copious amounts of his pearly essence. At long last, Adam sampled Angelica ’s succulent sex. Her sweet juices were delectable — angel ’s food compared to his usual fare. His tongue slid up and down her winding folds, lapping at the nectar that flowed freely as her passion mounted. While her rescuer brought her to heights of ecstasy previously unattained, Angelica ’s cries of delight echoed through the trees, mingling with sounds from the island ’s animal inhabitants. A delicately placed finger in Adam ’s nether region infused him with desire. He wanted more of Angelica. As she held tightly to Adam ’s sword and tasted its steel, he impaled her from behind. Adam ’s most cherished weapon pierced Angelica ’s cunt again and again, her warm cavern welcoming the invasion. The two rocked and swayed with perfect timing, as if they had been together all their lives, and soon came in a unified rush of orgasmic waves. Though Adam had set out to liberate Angelica from her wasteland island, it now no longer seemed so despairing … and neither was sure that it was yet time to leave.

16 Aug 2019

Pet of the Month May 1999

The original full photos from the Pet of the Month layout for May, 1999, in Penthouse Magazine. According to that magazine… Despite her out-of-this-world looks, Miel considers herself a salt-of-the-earth kind of girl. Her work as an archaeologist has made her accustomed to giving up certain creature comforts, but her latest task--researching a mysterious Stonehenge-like structure discovered in a remote portion of the Terachi Desert--is particularly difficult. “Mmm … this seems to be a new historical insight,” she says. “After a few weeks in the field, the massive columns look less like religious artifacts and more like … phallic symbols. It’sdistracting.” Apparently, it’s not just the dry desert heat that’s making her hot.Miel loves to work with her hands. “Man or mountain, it makes no difference to me,” she says. “I just like to get physical. When I’m really heated up, there’s nothing I enjoy more than pounding away at something hard.” “When I’m on assignment, it helps to imagine what life was like way back when. I especially wonder what the people were like. Was prehistoric man as sexual as modern man?” she asks. “For the ladies’ sake, I hope so. I appreciate a gentleman who can take charge of a situation--someone who knows what he’s doing.” Of course, being away from her man for long stretches of time often takes its toll. When it does, Miel has been known to lay down on the job, turn her back on history, and concentrate on the task at hand. Miel isn’t afraid to get down and dirty. “The world is an amazing place. Anything you want … it’s out there. You might have to dig deep,” she says, “but eventually you find what you’re looking for. Some women complain that their orgasms are elusive, or they can’t find their G spot. I say they’re just not trying hard enough!” “There’s no place for modesty when you’re doing field work with a crew,” Miel says. “Actually, sleeping in a small space with five other men and women has made for some of my wildest adventures.” “When a sandstorm hits, you have to take cover. We head back to our tents and often turn to one another to pass the time.I was never into group scenes, but, hey … it happens.” “I love to masturbate,” Miel says, “and I won’t apologize for that. Anything that feels so wonderful must be good for you.” Out in the desert, it seems, ecstasy marks the spot.

24 Jul 2019

The Devil Made Me Do It

From the April, 2000, issue of Penthouse Magazine — and the bizarre mind of Earl Miller. … Also starring as supporting little devils, Flower, Heather, Jane Lix, and Mira. In his journeys through the human dreamscape, Lucifer was constantly disappointed by the banality of mortal longings. All those mundane worries about jobs, schoolwork, money. Most people were so easily tempted by avarice and gluttony that securing their souls was hardly worth his time. Then he came across Devon’s nocturnal visions.Here was a human whose yearnings contrasted greatly with her reality. She lived a life of chaste piety, then escaped into a world in which sins of the flesh were indulged freely. Devon’s dream image wore the virginal white lace of the earthly woman, but her aching desire to break free was palpable to Lucifer as he probed her subconscious. Clearly, she was aroused by the wanton display of lust of the dream companions he created.Lucifer revealed his throbbing penis, and Devon was unable to resist the temptation. She ran her tongue along each pulsating vein, then wrapped her lips around the tip, savoring the salty drops of pre-come.Devon’s curiosity had been piqued — she knew instinctively that she would not be satisfied until she had tasted the pearly drops that sprang from the mysterious blonde beauty who haunted her dreams. Devon’s insatiable desires grew more urgent; she impaled herself on Lucifer’s rock-hard cock, moaning in ecstasy as it stretched her pussy and opened her mind. Each thrust awakened an even deeper need. Devon knelt before Lucifer, raising her luscious ass so he could fill her completely, bringing her to an earth-shattering orgasm. After, she was forced to watch hungrily as her companion milked him of his seed. Devon took Lucifer into her mouth, reviving his still-erect cock. Then she straddled the beautiful blonde, losing herself in the intoxicating sensations of the woman’s probing tongue on her swollen, fleshy folds.Devon awoke with every erotic detail fresh in her mind, and a slick wetness on her face. The words “the devil made me do it” throbbed in her head, but then she couldn’t help adding, “And I can’t wait to do it again!”